HealthWest HydroCell

Silver ions have the unique ability to disable the enzyme system of bacteria, viruses, yeast and other harmful parasites. They interrupt the internal electrical system of the micro-organism and prevent it from forming the chemical bonds essential to its survival, so they collapse and die.

Oxygen is needed to supply the energy for our immune system to function properly. It is carried by the red blood cells from our lungs to every part of our body. It provides energy to the brain to stimulate the enzyme systems in our body. Oxygen is also needed for cell regeneration and is vital for all functions of the human body. When silver ions are combined with singlet oxygen, its positive effect is multiplied.

HealthWest HydroCell has no side effects or interactions with other drugs, nutrients or therapies and is effective for skin conditions caused by bacteria, virus and fungus.

Size: 500ml
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Oxygen and positively charged silver ions.


Use on affected area as often as needed.


Keep out of direct sunlight.


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