Pinkk BodyGuard Travel Pack (worth $123)

Bring along Pinkk BodyGuard Travel for your personal protection against airborne infections on flights, cruises and general travel. Spray into the air around you to kill airborne diseases or spray on your hands after using the bathroom and before food.

A combination of purified water, oxygen and positively charged silver ions, the effect is dramatically multiplied. Pinkk BodyGuard Travel can also be sprayed on the face, in the eyes, into the throat, up the nose and on the ears.

Pinkk BodyGuard Travel kills 99.99% of bacteria and is gentle on all skin types, even on sensitive skin or skin with eczema.

Size: 100ml x3
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Oxygen and positively charged silver ions.


  • Provides personal protection against airborne infections on airline flights, ocean cruises and general travel
  • Can be taken on the plane with you
  • Can be sprayed into the air around you to help kill airborne germs
  • Spray on affected areas to relieve skin itchiness and insect bites 
  • Spray on your face to keep face clean. It can also stop maskne (a.k.a. acne caused by wearing masks for prolonged time)
  • Spray on your mask to disinfect and remove odour
  • Spray on your hands after leaving the bathroom and before food


Keep out of direct sunlight.


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